Organize Your Ballet Auditions

Ballet auditions season is a very significant one in a student’s career. It’s an exciting time full of anticipation of new adventure, friendships, and discoveries, but can also be a very stressful one as many of the decisions that need to be made do not follow a linear path.


It’s helpful to stay calm and be thorough in all aspects of the research process. Below is an outline of some steps you can take as well as tools you can use to help in keeping the focus.

Organize Your Ballet Auditions

1. First Things First

There’s a lot that goes into planning which ballet summer intensive auditions to attend. If you’re having trouble deciding where to even start, here’s a guide for how to prepare for ballet auditions.

2. Search Our Ballet Summer Auditions Calendar

After having a read through and spending some time self-reflecting and communicating with your family and mentors head over to our ballet summer intensives calendar.


It may feel a bit overwhelming at first as there is so much information to keep track to be sure that all of your plans are in order and that you’re not over-scheduling yourself. One handy feature of our calendar is that any event found in it be added to your own digital calendar (i.e., iCal, Google Calendar) allowing you to see your potential commitments at-a-glance.

3. Research Travel Options

Chances are, unless you happen to live in a metropolitan area that hosts a lot of the ballet summer auditions, you will need to incorporate travel into your schedule. This requires even more planning as the logistics of transportation, accommodations, and meals outside of the home need to be planned. Our trip planning page can help you find a hotel and work out other details.

4. Take Good Notes

Now that you have gotten through the first round of planning, use our audition worksheet to sort out all the factors that need to be taken into consideration as you organize your potential ballet auditions “tour”.


This layout will help you to see – side-by-side – aspects such as dates, fees, expenses, audition requirements, and whatever other notes/questions you have jotted down. Having all the information in front of you will help narrow down the options even more which in turn will help in making the upcoming season more manageable.

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Cherilyn J. Lee is the Editor-in-Chief of The Traveling Ballerina.
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